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Put customers at the center of your business

24 hr instant customer support

Address your customer inquiries 70% faster

Empower your business with a 24/7 AI chatbot as your dedicated customer service. Train it using your business guidelines for instant and efficient responses. No more waiting for your customers – inquiries are addressed instantly. Our diverse data input methods guarantee your chatbot is trained with the latest information, tailoring responses to your customers' specific needs.

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Address your customer inquiries 70% faster
cost effective customer support

Reduce customer service costs by 50%

Reduce hiring expenses on customer representatives without compromising service quality. Experience a significant drop in customer tickets, reducing workload and operational costs. GPT-trainer automates data updates, eliminating the need for additional training costs.

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Reduce customer service costs by 50%
More revenue achieved with personalization

Boost your sales by 40%

Immediately connect with visitors, increasing engagement and potential conversions. Collect visitors’ contact information. Don't miss another lead! Gain actionable data from user interactions to improve your business strategy.

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AI-Augmented Support Agent Available 24/7, 365
Our AI agent can be trained on any data source, including policy documents, technical guidelines, websites, and product listings. This allows for a fully automated L1 & L2 support resolution rate of over 72%. Additionally, our AI agent can reduce first-contact abandonment by 90%
Automatic Human Agent Alerting and Handover
Contact center supervisors can monitor all conversations, including those handled by AI, in real time. If the AI agent encounters difficulties, it can intelligently alert human agents, ensuring seamless handovers. This integration can increase human support agent productivity tenfold.
Conversational lead collection
Collect and store user data conversationally, including names, emails, and phone numbers. This data can be automatically forwarded to email and CRM systems, increasing total conversions by up to 12%.
Book Meetings On-Demand
Embed calendar links directly into conversations to facilitate easy booking, ensuring you never miss a qualified lead again.
Source tracking
Track the reference materials that motivated the AI's responses to gain trust in its answers. This feature allows you to share relevant references with your customers automatically, enhancing transparency and credibility.
Advanced Conversational Intelligence & Insights
Automatically assign tags to every exchange based on criteria you define. Use AI-powered analytics to better understand your customer's needs and turn conversations into actionable business insights.
Automatic Spam Detection and Safeguard
Our multi-layer AI-powered safeguard filters out malicious intents with 99.9% accuracy, ensuring safe and reliable interactions. This system continuously fine-tunes intent detection for ongoing improvement, as highlighted in our Turnberry use case.
Built-in Test and Continuous Improvement Suite
Automate your AI agent's test and deployment process to identify knowledge gaps and optimize responses. Rigorous testing and continuous improvement tools help identify frequent conversation themes, ensuring your AI agent performs at its best.
Fully Managed Contact Center Solution for Your Enterprise
Deploy a standalone solution to your private cloud, with options for white labeling the entire platform with your brand, as detailed on our partnership page. We offer custom integrations, workflows, and self-hosted open-source LLM options. Benefit from dedicated training and maintenance directly from our expert tech team, ensuring seamless implementation and operation.

Multi-channel, deployed anywhere, connect with CRMs

Native support for the most popular messaging channels, website builders, and CRMs. Thousands more enabled through Zapier.


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Fully-automated L1 & L2 support resolution rate


Reduction in first-contact abandonment


Human support agent's productivity with AI augmentation


Accuracy when an answer is delivered


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Don't just take our word for it...

Our customers' experiences speak volumes. Discover how we've made a difference in their lives with our exceptional services. From stellar support to transformative results, these stories reflect our commitment to excellence and the positive impact we've had. Read on to see why our clients trust and love us.

CivBot Revolutionizes Support Stack

We all love CivBot (powered by GPT-trainer) over here - there's no way we could manage without him… We've embedded him directly into the Support stack, trying to get people to move away from going straight to Freshdesk/Featurebase or hitting the support@, and it has been quite successful.

Community manager,

Game-Changer for Complex Methodologies

GPT-trainer’s bots have been a game-changer for us and our clients, guiding us through complex methodologies like First Principles, FDA Design Control methods and phases, and Lean Six Sigma with ease. Their solution not only reduces confusion but also enhances the accuracy of our problem-solving processes - we have seen no hallucinations to date. The app's multiple text/document retrieval options are incredibly helpful. We're thoroughly impressed with the product's capabilities and eagerly anticipate future enhancements.

Frank Shines &

Accurate and Reliable GPT-Based Product

I've tried many products based on gpt: afforai, orimon, gpt4 with plugin, I've tried deploying each one of these, they don't work as this one. This one provides accurate, useful and sourced information - in a clean way. On a technical level, there are no quirks or bugs that have seen. I'm confident this is the product that will stay, and work for most applications, especially in actual work environment. I've deployed it successfully in my business. 100% recommend.

User, AppSumo

Asynchronous Communication Made Easy

We are using the bots as a way for employees to retrieve policies and procedures for our organization. We are 24/7 and 365 so we have asynchronous communication needs. The ability to draw from a policy/procedure and then provide an answer is awesome. We also have to recall lots of information in the form of procedures. The Bots we built allow us to retrieve this info quickly and to trust the answer. The ability to cite the document retrieval is appreciated. Ground truth is important in our business.

Chris Izworski
Executive Director, Saginaw County 9-1-1 Communications Authority

Custom GPTs Made Easy

Absolutely love GPT-Trainer. Creating custom GPTs is a breeze. The possibilities are exciting. The re-training feature is a great idea. Integrating the GPT to my website was easy and fast.

Ananth Swaminath
User, AppSumo

Outstanding Performance and Support

Our team is extremely satisfied with the GPT Trainer's performance. The dev team’s responsiveness to our feedback and the incorporation of our feature requests into the platform are deeply appreciated. The precision and quality of the answers provided by the GPT Trainer's LLM model are what truly set it apart. Even in the rare instances when an answer isn't perfect, the overall functionality remains impressive.

Kyoungchul Choi
Daou Tech

Game-Changer for Customers

This is a game-changer for our customers!

Msquare Automation Solutions

Improved Customer Service Efficiency

The project, initiated in June 2023, with the deployment of the bot and GPT- trainer's conversational AI platform, led to substantial improvements in our customer service efficiency. We felt the impact within a week. The vast majority of issues are resolved completely autonomously. This immediately freed up our team to focus on more important tasks.

Jason Lai
Business Development, Petal

Strong Early Adopters’ Community

GPT-Trainer's team is competent, focused, and looking to build a strong early adopters’ community. GPT-Trainer the platform is still in development, but what is operational now is impressive and customer-ready… I want GPT- Trainer to succeed because their vision is something worth realising.

Micole Bautista
CEO, EyeLevel & OLIVIA

Efficient and Cost-Effective Customer Service

Create your own #ChatGPT in minutes?" Absolutely Amazing! With GPT-trainer. the dream of efficient and cost-effective customer service becomes a reality. - Elevate customer interactions. - Dive deep into conversation analytics. - Versatile for HR, business consulting, and even lead generation! This is not just a chatbot builder; it's a game-changer for companies. It's all about improving efficiency and optimizing operational costs. So thrilled to see disruptive tech like this paving the way for the future of businesses.

Shady Salman
QA & Improvement Leader, RTA Dubai

Privacy and security first



Our app is GDPR compliant, highest level of data protection and privacy compliance in accordance with European standards.



Our app is ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified, ensuring top-tier data security and compliance with international standards.



Our app also holds SOC 2 certification, demonstrating our commitment to stringent data protection and privacy practices.

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