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Partner Benefits

Partnering with GPT-trainer opens a gateway to numerous growth opportunities for your business. By becoming a partner, you not only leverage our advanced AI technology to enhance your service offerings but also gain a competitive edge in the market. Our partnership program is designed to support your business growth through innovative technology solutions, comprehensive partner support, and revenue-sharing opportunities.

who can join?

Anyone with an existing customer base for digital products can launch their own chatbot maker platform with GPT-trainer

Become a partner
Revenue Sharing
Earn money through our revenue-sharing arrangement. Partner with GPT-trainer and gain a percentage of the profits from the clients you bring onboard.
No Code, No Hassle
Make money without the need to write code or host solutions. We provide a fully managed SaaS platform, making it easy for you to focus on your business.
Expand Your Services
Supplement or expand your current offerings with powerful AI chatbots. Stay ahead of the curve by integrating cutting-edge technology.
Attract More Business
Expand your service offerings with our AI solutions and attract new clients. Offer something unique that sets you apart from competitors.
Upsell With Ease
Use our advanced AI capabilities to upsell to your existing clients. Offer them enhanced services that provide more value and improve their business operations.
Partner with Confidence
As a GPT-trainer partner, you’ll receive continuous support and training. We ensure you have all the tools and knowledge needed to succeed.

Select the partnership model that aligns with your business

Model 1


Become an Ambassador for GPT-trainer and earn substantial revenue by selling discounted chatbot subscriptions.

Unlock significant earning potential by partnering with GPT-trainer. As an Ambassador, you'll benefit from a fixed revenue-sharing model, where you receive 40% of the earnings while GPT-trainer retains 60%. This arrangement ensures a rewarding income stream for your efforts.

In addition to revenue sharing, you gain the exclusive right to distribute specific subscription plans at a significant discount. This makes it easier for you to attract customers and sell chatbots with subscriptions, offering competitive pricing that stands out in the market.


  • Get started within 24 hours
  • 40% revenue sharing - with no term limit
  • Training and priority support from GPT-trainer team
Become a Model 1 partner

Model 2


Create and sell chatbots under your own brand with GPT-trainer's Whitelabel Model.

Model 2 Partners

As a Licensee, you get a white-label version of the GPT-trainer platform, allowing you to sell chatbots and subscriptions under your own brand. You have the flexibility to define your own pricing for these products and services, giving you complete control over your business model. Additionally, you keep 100% of any one-time payments received from your clients, such as initial setup fees.

While you will pay the appropriate costs for managed hosting of your white-label version, you only need to pay a 15% commission on sales of all products and derivatives powered by GPT-trainer. You will use your own OpenAI API key for operations. Note that if a client cancels an ongoing sales arrangement, GPT-trainer will not issue refunds for any sales commissions already paid out.


  • Complete white-label to match your brand
  • Custom subscriptions and benefit design
  • Full managed hosting support, keep 85% of all revenue
Become a Model 2 partner

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