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    • What is GPT Trainer?

      GPT Trainer is an AI chatbot builder. It links to the data you provide as context and uses it as reference when responding to queries. You can upload data directly, import data from our cloud drive partners, supply an URL for automatic scraping, or provide direct text input. You can embed the chatbot onto your own website or use it in Slack.

    • Where is my data stored?

      We are a Software-as-a-Service. This means that our app, along with data you upload to us, resides online. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting. Our servers are located in Oregon, USA.

    • Does it support other languages?

      Yes. Our service currently uses OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 large language models (LLMs) for generative AI functionality. The models are trained on publicly available data across the internet in over 95 languages, so GPT Trainer also supports over 95 languages.

    • What should my data look like?

      We support most text document formats (.pdf, .docx, .txt, .md, .tex, .csv, .xlsx, .xls). You can also provide an URL for automatic scraping of text content (this is not automatically updated on target website refresh), or input your own text directly.

    • Does it use GPT-3.5 or GPT-4?

      Our back end is designed to be versatile in Large Language Model (LLM) selection. Currently, we have GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4 as options, but we plan on adding more LLMs (e.g. Google Bard, Meta LlaMA, Anthropic Claude, open source alternatives, etc.) when they become more mature.

    • Can I share a chatbot I created?

      Input-wise, you are the only administrator to the design, customization, and data of your chatbot. Output-wise, you can share your chatbot for anyone to use.

    • Can I give my chatbots instructions?

      Yes. You can customize your chatbot to have different personas via our template-guided prompt engineering.

    • How can I add my chatbot to my website?

      You can embed an iframe or add a chat bubble to the bottom right of your website. To do that, create a chatbot and click "Embed on website".


We prioritize your security and privacy. We employ strict measures to prevent data loss, unauthorized access, and use. Access to your information is limited to authorized personnel under a duty of confidentiality.

Our systems undergo regular testing and in the process of securing ISO 27001 certification, following industry-leading standards. We use encryption technology and adhere to the Center for Internet Security's Critical Security Controls. Special regulations and procedures are in place, backed by security training for our employees.


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