February 22, 2024

Enhanced AI Capabilities and Improved User Experience

🚀 New Features
  • Background Agents: These Agents operate behind the scenes and monitor conversations. They assign tags and call functions based on conversation context.
  • AI Tagging: Utilize Background Agents to automatically assign tags based on your predefined criteria during conversations to enable advanced user behavior and sentiment analysis.
  • Debug Mode: A new way to debug your chat in Preview and Inbox pages. Debug Mode reveals the state of each message independently, showing actions by Agents, assigned tags, and more.
💡 Improvements
  • Inbox: The Chats/Leads tab has been revamped into Inbox, allowing you to review all relevant chat data, including variables assigned by AI Agents, by clicking on "Show conversation detail" button.
  • Export Conversations: You can now export all saved data from your chats with a single click.
  • Revise Answers: The Revise Answers button has been moved to Debug Mode.
  • Export Popular Sources: Added a button to export popular sources directly from the Dashboard for convenient analysis.
  • New GPT-4-1106-1k and GPT-4-1106-2k Models: These models are designed for background operations with minimal RAG and limited function-calling.
February 10, 2024

Revolutionary AI Agents with Function Calling

🚀 New Features
  • AI Agents: GPT-trainer adopts an Agents approach to chatbot building, with an AI Supervisor that selects the most suitable Agent to respond to user queries based on Agent specialization and conversation context.
  • Chunk Curation: Utilizing Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology, our AI-assisted debugging tools allow for the review, curation, and enrichment of training data, enhancing retrieval accuracy and reducing hallucinations.
  • Function Calling: GPT-trainer's AI Agents can take actions and access external data sources in real-time via webhooks, allowing your chatbots to do things like book meetings, process orders, and much more.
💡 Improvements
  • New GPT-4-1106-16k Model: Introducing a new model with an expanded context size for better performance and reasoning.
These major updates will affect the workflow for chatbot building. Now, all things related to AI have been moved to agents. Features like Webhooks and Lead Forms are faded out, as AI Agents can be trained to collect data or send API calls that will fit your needs.
January 12, 2024

Advanced Data Integration and Interactive Enhancements

🚀 New Features
  • Structured Data Files Integration: You can now upload .csv, .xlsx, and .xls files directly into your chatbot sources. This new feature allows for easier management, updating, and customization of tables to suit your specific needs.
  • GPT-Trainer Roadmap: In our commitment to evolving with your needs, we've introduced a feature where you can request and vote for future enhancements. This community-driven approach ensures we prioritize features you truly need. Explore our roadmap and make your voice heard at GPT-trainer Roadmap
💡 Improvements
  • Enhanced Animations for Chatbot Interactions: We've added smoother animations for message appearances and scrolling, providing a more refined and engaging user experience.
  • Mobile Responsiveness in Chatbots: Specific improvement to our chatbots on mobile devices. While our chatbots were already optimized for mobile use, this update ensures that clicking on the input field no longer causes unwanted resizing of the bot interface
  • Chatbot Input Flexibility: The chatbot input now accepts text based on the model's capabilities. For instance, in the case of "gpt-3.5-turbo-16k", the input limit is 8000 characters, for "gpt-4" it's 4000 characters, and for other models, the default is 2000 characters.
  • Support for Non-UTF-8 Encoded Text: We've started to support encoded text that is not in UTF-8 format. Over time, we will continue to add support for more characters.
  • Chatbot Button Resizing: To enhance efficiency, we've removed the option to customize the chatbot button size. This change significantly reduces the script size, ensuring faster load times and a more streamlined experience on your websites.
  • Updated Message Deletion Policy: To align with our future roadmap and enhance the overall chatbot experience, we have removed the ability to delete individual messages for users and chatbot admins. This change is not only in step with our upcoming features, which will benefit from a more comprehensive message history, but also ensures a clear and consistent communication record. Rest assured, GDPR compliance is maintained as the option to delete entire conversations is still available. This policy shift is a strategic move to enhance the integrity and effectiveness of interactions on our platform, providing richer data for future improvements and ensuring a transparent experience for all users.
🐞 Bug Fixes
  • Custom Domain Issues Resolved: Thanks to user feedback, we've identified and fixed several issues with custom domains, enhancing stability and performance.
  • Citation Navigation Corrected: We've addressed and resolved the issue where multiple citations from different responses were inaccurately navigating to the same location.
  • Resolved Loading Status Visibility for Sources: Fixed a glitch where source loading statuses were sometimes not visible.
December 21, 2023

Enhanced Collaboration, Streamlined Interface, and Improved Source Management

🚀 New Features
  • Collaborators Access & Management: Introducing the ability to invite up to 10 collaborators on our Business plan. Assign permissions and collaborate effectively to build and manage your chatbot. Find this new feature in the left sidebar.
  • As this is our initial release, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for further enhancements.
  • Source Links Integration: Enhance your sources with direct links. Now, each source can have a title and a specific link, ensuring citations point directly to the relevant information.
  • Leads Form Checkbox Addition: We've expanded our Leads Form capabilities with an additional checkbox field. Customize your forms further by embedding links, such as privacy terms, within the text.
💡 Improvements
  • Leads Form Redesign: Experience the new and improved Leads Form. Now, you can rearrange fields easily by dragging and dropping. Choose which fields are required, with the assurance that if any field is mandatory, the form must be completed before closing.
  • Tables Overhaul: We've simplified our tables for better usability. Enhancements include a streamlined user experience for filters, and the new functionality to hide columns, allowing you to focus only on the information you need.
  • Cookie Disabling: In our ongoing commitment to privacy, we've completely disabled all cookies for chatbots. This means all tracking and related cookies on your chatbots are removed, ensuring enhanced privacy for your chatbots and their users.
🐞 Bug Fixes
  • Past Due Subscriptions Tracking: We've addressed a critical issue in tracking past-due subscriptions, which previously affected user experience by displaying non-functional features. Our updated logic ensures a more accurate and user-friendly experience.
December 13, 2023

Smoother Navigation & Chat Interaction, Plus Font Picker Fix

💡 Improvements
  • Account Menu: Current Update simplifies the menu layout, making it more intuitive and easier to navigate. This revamp not only improves the overall look and feel of our interface but also ensures a smoother and more user-friendly experience for all our users.
  • Disable Chat Input/Suggested Prompts State: Updated the state for chat input and suggested prompts, allowing users to focus on and click them even while the AI is generating a response. Although functional, users will still need to wait for the AI's message to be completed before sending a new query.
🐞 Bug Fixes
  • Font Picker: Fixed an issue where the font picker was not fully visible due to overflow problems.
December 12, 2023

Custom Meta Tags, Proactive Credit Alerts, and Seamless Chat Navigation Enhancements!

🚀 New Features
  • Meta Tags: Beneficial for users operating their chatbots on custom domains. Now, you have the flexibility to specify your own Meta Tags, including the title, description, and URL of your chatbot. This feature empowers you to fully differentiate your chatbot from the standard GPT-Trainer model, providing a unique identity on the web.
  • Automatic User Reminder: We will send you automatic notifications each time your message credits fall below 20%, helping you stay on top of your account and manage your usage efficiently.
💡 Improvements
  • Initial Scroll: Users experienced the inconvenience of the chat starting from the very beginning of the conversation history. This required manual scrolling to catch up to the most recent messages each time the chat was opened, impacting the user experience. We've addressed this concern by implementing an automatic scroll feature. Now, when you open the chat, it will automatically scroll down to the latest messages in the chat history.
  • Dark Mode Chat Borders: Redesigning the borders to be more visually appealing, providing a sleek and modern aesthetic that improves readability and overall user experience in Dark Mode.
  • Forms: Revamped our form UI to be neater and more user-friendly, and now when a form appears, it automatically scrolls into view.
🐞 Bug Fixes
  • Chat Cache: Previously, our users encountered challenges due to complications with the third-party cookies system. This issue impacted the reliability and effectiveness of our session caching feature. The chat cache system has been optimized to function smoothly, ensuring that users can now engage with this feature without encountering previous limitations.
  • "Sort by newest" Feature in our chats management system. It now correctly sorts sessions based on the timestamp of the last message sent, rather than just changing the display time.
December 4, 2023

Unleashing Personalization and Efficiency

🚀 New Features
  • Custom Watermark (Exclusive to Business Plan): Users on the Business Plan can now add custom watermarks to their Chatbot, creating a distinct and personalized touch to interactions. Access this feature conveniently under the "Appearance" tab.
  • Elevate Style with Custom Fonts: Style matters! Choose from the 100 most popular Google Fonts to give your Chatbot a unique personality. Whether it's matching your brand or expressing your creativity, the choice is yours. Access this feature under the "Appearance" tab.
💡 Improvements
  • Streamlined Auto-Retrain Feature: Experience a more efficient retraining process! We've enhanced the logic to reduce resource demands and address issues with main source loading. Say goodbye to the previous hassles and enjoy a smoother Chatbot experience.
  • Refined Chatbot UI: We believe in continuous refinement. Enjoy a sleeker experience with a small yet impactful redesign of the text field, watermark, and suggested prompts in the Chatbot interface.
🐞 Bug Fixes
  • Source loading: Resolved issues related to main source loading during the retraining process.
December 1, 2023

Introducing Our Changelog: Stay Updated on Exciting Changes!

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our Changelog – your go-to source for all the latest updates, enhancements, and bug fixes in our platform. This initiative is designed to keep you seamlessly informed about the evolving features that enhance your user experience.

What to Expect:

🐞 Bug Fixes

We understand that a smooth user experience is paramount. Our Changelog will now highlight every bug fix, ensuring that you're always in the loop about improvements to the platform's stability.

💡 Improvements

We understand that a smooth user experience is paramount. Our Changelog will now highlight every bug fix, ensuring that you're always in the loop about improvements to the platform's stability.

🚀 New Features

Exciting innovations are on the horizon! Discover the latest additions to our platform, categorized for your convenience. Whether it's a game-changing functionality or a feature that simplifies your workflow, you'll find it here.

Why a Changelog?

We believe in transparency and want you to be an integral part of our journey. The Changelog serves as a central hub for all updates, making it easier for you to stay informed about the evolving landscape of our platform. By categorizing updates into Bug Fixes, Improvements, and New Features, you can quickly find the information that matters most to you.

Thank you for being an essential part of the GPT-trainer community. We're excited about the future, and the Changelog is just one way we're ensuring you're always at the forefront of our innovations.

Here's to a future filled with fantastic features and continuous improvement!

Best regards,

GPT-trainer Team